I'm so glad you're here, stick around, there's so much to see,  Bailey:)


Hey there!
Digitally Purposed

I'm so glad you're here, stick around, there's so much to see,  Bailey :)


Hey there!
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If you had a 7 figure digital product etsy seller giving you daily trending Product Ideas, the prompts to make them and the SEO templates for them?!

wouldn't it

Bailey's DFY  Design & SEO Club

Products + Prompts + SEO

After countless hours of YT videos & blog posts (do those ever work anyways?) you're ready to get SERIOUS about selling consistently on Etsy and engineering those prompts to turn into products that get you SALES!! 

The solution is right in front of you. You just have to choose it.

you're finally ready to make consistent sales on etsy

sometimes you just need a kickstart...

and use AI to design that clipart pack, tumbler wrap, digital paper pack, mug wrap etc...

Now Open! Join Here!

DAILY up-to-date TRENDING PRODUCTS with LOW Competition  to get you lots of SALES 🔥

SEO Templates for the daily products!

DAILY AI prompts to accompany the product (with multiple example images)  based on current trends and upcoming seasons & holidays

Various Learning Models provided daily with the daily prompt (Midjourney & Dall-E 3,  these will work if you are also using Kittl or MyDesigns)

Bonus design tutorials added monthly (exclusive to this membership only)

LIVE Q&A call to help you get unstuck (may increase to multiple month calls)

Private Community Portal for all your questions

You'll get access to...

this is NOT a FULL COURSE or a COACHING program

this is for individuals who sell: any sublimation design files like tumbler wraps, mugs, glass jars, wind spinners, etc., t-shirt designs, clipart pngs, SVGs, invitations, digital papers & junk journal files who are looking for trending products in these categories, along with their AI prompts & SEO. 

I created the DFY Design & SEO Club out of many requests to help you fast track your results when creating digital design files to sell on Etsy! 

Not only will you get daily prompts ready for you to turn into beautiful designs, they are based on what's currently trending on Etsy!

The club is designed to save you TONS OF TIME with formatted prompts based on trends & the SEO! It's perfect for anyone who sells creative design files!

I love all things digital products and have been able to hit over $1.5 million dollars on the Etsy platform alone, with a simple $3 digital products

I'm a business coach, mom of 4, margarita & beach loving multi-passionate entrepreneur


Join now!

Today's Special Offer: $27/month

DAILY prompts (with multiple example images)  based on current trends and upcoming seasons & holidays
Various Learning Models provided daily with the daily prompt (Kittl, Midjourney, Dall-E 3,  MyDesigns)
SEO Templates to accompany the trending product ideas

A library of 10 products, prompts & SEO to get you started
Access to the private community for all your ??s
Live monthly group Q&A & 'Design with me' calls (also recorded)
Bonus Design Tutorials added monthly (exclusive to the membership)

For less than $1 day, you'll gain access to:

C'mon in and have some fun with me! :) 

*this a monthly membership. there are no refunds, though you may cancel at any time

This is SO DFY...from the product, to the prompt, to the SEO...Simply prompt in your chosen AI tool, mockup & list with the provided SEO!!

Become a founding member at $27/month!

This price will increase the more that is added to it each month, so don't lose the opportunity to join at its lowest rate & be locked in at the lowest price!

Price increases as the membership fills up to keep this to a small limited amount of members.

Where are these trends found?🔥Google Trends, Pinterest, TikTok, Shein, Aliexpress, Etsy, Amazon

How is the SEO produced: Everbee & Erank

How are the prompts created:  all prompts are created by Bailey

Is this the same as Bailey's 10K Month Digital Product Formula Coursemunity: No, this is a completely separate community with copy/paste prompts & SEO for trending digital products and not a replacement for the shop & marketing strategies taught in the course.

Who is this for? shops that sell digital products such as tumbler wraps, glass jars, shirt designs, mug wraps, clipart, digital papers, invitations, junk journal and scrapbook assets

How do I access? This membership is hosted on the Skool platform with both web access and mobile access via the app. You can cancel your account anytime within your account settings.

Won't we end up with the same products/designs? The trending product ideas, technically everyone has access to the same info...whether you choose to use a tool like Erank, Everbee, Alura, Marmalead, etc. or if using something organic like Google Trends Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, etc. like I teach. 

In the feedback I've gotten over the past two years, is that individuals either don't have time to research or get overwhelmed by the various platforms to utilize.

This solves the overwhelm factor of research with curated daily products.

As mentioned in a few of the videos I've added in there, the difference comes in where you either change a subject, color palette, cross-niche with a different theme.

Plus, as with any AI software, the output will never be the same with each input. Unless using a custom tool.

Now will some just add the product/prompt as is, yes, but as most should understand, doing this and not incorporating even a different color palette or sub-subject will not lead to an increase in sales. The point of being on the front-end of something trending is that, it's trending, number one, so you'll have an advantage and even more of an advantage if you change it up a bit. :)


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